Definitions for "PERILS"
Under a Fire or Consequential Loss policy, the inclusion of Additional Perils cover protects the insured person against damage caused by, among other things, explosions, riots and strikes, malicious damage, aircraft, impact by road vehicles, burst pipes 'or 'acts of nature' such as storms, floods and earthquakes.
When applied to homeowner's insurance, a peril is an event that can damage the property. Homeowner's insurance may cover the property for a wide variety of perils caused by accidents, nature, or people.
the policy offers cover against the principal perils of fire, explosion, earthquake, lightning, riot and civil commotion, storm tempest or flood and damage resulting from the accidental escape of water, burst pipes, impact by road vehicles, aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom (this does not include damage caused by birds), falling trees, theft or any attempted theft. For a full definition of the cover is described in your policy wording.
Exposure of a person or property to injury or loss.
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