Definitions for "filler"
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An inert powder added to pigment (applies to pastels and CP too) by manufacturers, usually in place of coloured pigment to reduce cost, but sometimes to modify the coloring characteristics of pigments with a high tinting strength.
Fillers consist of various materials (eg; clay or calcium carbonate) that are added to the paper pulp to improve opacity and smoothness of the paper.
A relatively inert substance added to a material to alter its physical, mechanical, thermal, electrical, and other properties or to lower cost. Sometimes the term is used specifically to mean particulate additives.
The individual tobacco leaves used in the body of a cigar. This core of blended tobaccos is held together by the binder and then covered by the wrapper. Filler can either be cut filler (short pieces) or long filler running the full length of the cigar. The filler provides a significant portion of a cigar's taste. High-grade cigars are made with long fillers, or whole leaves, which are hand-rolled. Low-grade cigars use cut fillers, or scraps of lesser quality tobaccos, which are fed into a machine. A fine cigar usually contains between two and five different types of filler tobacco.
The individual tobacco leaves used in the body of a cigar, a pile of such tobacco would be called a bunch.
1) Tobacco that has been blended and cut and, consequently, is ready to be used in cigarettes. The tobacco may have also been cased and flavored, depending on the desired end-product. 2) A term that can refer to the innermost portion of a cigar or the tobacco from which it is made. There are two types of filler, long filler and short filler.
A composition, as of powdered silica and oil, used to fill the pores and grain of wood before applying paint, varnish, etc.
Material used to fill pores of broad grained woods, as part of finishing process, particularly natural finish.
Comes as a ready-mixed paste or in powder form and is used for repairing small holes and cracks in the surface to be decorated.
A story of less importance that is used to fill space.
A short, interesting, sometimes humorous news item used to fill leftover space on the page. The most widely read "articles" in any newspaper, fillers constitute an excellent (and often overlooked) vehicle for obtaining press coverage for an organization.
a short item used to complete a magazine or newspaper page such as: short humor, an anecdote, a timeless news item or light verse.
A material used in a cable construction to fill large interstices, thus providing a round construction; can be shaped, round, or in mastic forms. A nonfunctional member used in a cable to provide a more circular cross section.
The cushioning material in quilting between the fabric and the backing.
The material used to fill the area above the bead between the outer and inner portion of the sidewall. Also used in enlarged form to stiffen the lower sidewall of a tire.
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a substance such as collagen, silicone, or one's own fat that is injected beneath the skin to contour, or fill in wrinkles or scars
a substance that increases the volume of a product and/or fills in space
An inactive substance used to make a product bigger or easier to handle. For example, fillers are often used to make pills or capsules because the amount of active drug is too small to be handled conveniently.
Something meant to fill an unavoidable gap in a lesson. Typically lasts 90 minutes.
Filler is a material used to fill small holes and gaps. A number of different types of fillers are available to the modeler. See our Resources section for more information.
In linguistics, fillers are sounds or words that are spoken to fill up gaps in utterances. Different languages have different characteristic filler sounds; in English, the most common filler sounds are "er" (British spelling, "uh" in American spelling) and "um".
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Threads which run crosswise of fab­ ric from selvage to selvage. Same as weft.
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a plant that lends some bulk, filling in between the others
Contributes to the bulk of the product without contributing significantly to the odour, taste, flavour or aroma.
A compound used to extend or bulk a coating to provide extra body or hiding power.
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A thill horse.
The carbonaceous particles in manufactured graphite comprising the base aggregate in an unbaked green-mix formula.
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a coin used to "fill in" the place in a collection until a better grade coin can be found or purchased to take its place. Often a low grade or damaged coin may be used as a filler until a nice one can be found.
A coin in bad condition bought just to fill a hole in a collection due to its date and usually until a better example can be found.
A low grade coin - 1-2 on the Sheldon grading scale.
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100 filler equal 1 forint
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Filler is a graphical game where you occupy coloured hexes by changing colours.
a game you pull out to kill time between when everyone gets to the game night and when you start yourr first full game(s)
n. A game with very simple rules, strategies that do not require deep thought, and an extremely short playing-time. This type of game is frequently used between heavier games. (See also light)
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Tint or other product used to temporarily provide fill for porous spots in hair during chemical treatments such as permanent wav­ing, bleaching.
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a member of the lineup who is not a suspect
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Scrap film used to fill in blank spots in the soundtrack, the desired effect being to keep the soundtrack running the same time as the picture (keep them in-sync).
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A trim piece used to provide a weatherstrip seal for the operating sash or panel on a horizontal sliding window or door.
Any standing tree or standard higher than the surrounding coppice in the form of forest known as coppice under standards. Chiefly used in the pl.
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A match or skit that means nothing or very little and is only there to fill TV time.
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A protective cell used in egg cases and flats to cushion each individual egg against shock and breakage during handling and shipping.
To thread in (eggs into hot liquid) (from context).
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Refers to a person who uploads stuff to pub for others to download.
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an episode that doesn't really pose any relevence to a plot of the show, but it doesn't mean it can't be good
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A small ring of iron or piece of pipe placed on a pin in order to keep in place the members coupled thereon.
Broker who executes customer orders either electronically or through open-outcry.
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Parts of an anime which were not in the manga.
a student who has not been identified as G/T but is placed in the gifted and talented classroom in one of these available seats
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Audio copy read or ad-libbed by on-air personalities.
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Film Flame Retardant Flame Retardants
a sound, word, or expression, generally without meaning, that is used by a speaker to fill a pause when he or she speaking; often used while the speaker searches for how to continue. Examples of fillers: sounds: um..., er..., words/expressions: well, you know, you see
plant equipment that dispenses product into bottles and cans
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a light used to relieve shadows created by the key or principal light.
Keywords:  slot, structure, place, form
a form which can be used in a given place, e.g., a slot, in a structure.
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liquid to fill up drinks, usually contains CO2
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Any matter that has no time restrictions and can be used when needed.
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One who, or that which, fills; something used for filling.