Definitions for "SANDBLASTING"
Keywords:  blast, abrade, blown, sprayed, abrasive
A process or treatment in which tiny grains of sand are sprayed on the garment to create a worn in look and a softer hand.
A process for cleaning metal and other surfaces using sand in a high-pressure air stream. The sand is blasted against a surface to remove paint or contaminants. This process is also called abrasive blasting.
A blast of air or steam laden with sand, used for decorating an acrylic surface. Can be done on entire surface with or without special patterns.
Keywords:  sashiko, sanguine
Sanguine Sashiko
physical weathering process in which rock is eroded by the impact of sand grains carried by the wind, frequently leading to ventifact formation of pebbles and cobbles.
Keywords:  moderate, stems, kill, blowing, extreme
damaged caused to plants (young plants especially) by blowing sand. Moderate to extreme sandblasting can damage stems and kill plants.