Definitions for "Overspray"
Keywords:  spray, fallout, dusty, granular, paint
Airborne particles that adhere to a finished surface. Overspray particles can include unwanted paint, industrial fallout, chemical contaminants, or other airborne particles.
The dry, pebble-like surface caused when sprayed finish begins to dry in the air before it hits the surface.
Sprayed coating that is dry when it hits the surface, resulting in dusty, granular adhering particles. Can cause gloss loss with gloss paints or mottling with flats paints.
The finish material that does not reach your wood as a liquid. It may land on unfinished wood, on the finish you have already applied, or may not land on the piece at all.
water that reaches further than the desired area (for example, on to footpaths and driveways).
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A specially formulated binder applied to texturized yarn that helps retain the bulk of the yarn after texturizing.