Definitions for "Unfinished"
Not finished, not brought to an end; imperfect; incomplete; left in the rough; wanting the last hand or touch; as, an unfinished house; an unfinished picture; an unfinished iron casting.
not brought to the desired final state
not brought to an end or conclusion; "unfinished business"; "the building is still unfinished"
Keywords:  stain, lacking, lambs, bare, feeding
Shutters manufactured without any finish - available in different grades of lumber depending on the actual final finish; grades: paint grade, random wood color stain grade, all darker tone stain grade, all lighter tone stain grade
lacking a surface finish such as paint; "bare wood"; "unfinished furniture"
Lambs that are lacking fat cover and have an appearance which suggest they could use some more feeding.
A protocol for a recordable CD, allowing more sessions to be written.