Definitions for "Protocol"
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A convention not formally ratified.
Any defined set of procedures, conventions or methods that when adhered to, allow devices to inter-operate.
A protocol allows for communication between various computers on a network. The protocol contains a formal collection of rules regulating the exchange of data. Examples for protocols are FTP, HTTP, POP3 or TCP/IP.
documentation that ties together all SOPs (standard operating procedures) to direct the work performed in a regulated facility: who approves what, who is allowed to sign off on materials and products, where certain files and documents are kept, and so on; also a detailed plan for a clinical trial, stating (among other things) the trialis rationale, purpose, scope, dosages, routes of administration, length of study, and eligibility criteria.
A step-by-step procedure followed to achieve an objective, such as the strictly followed methods used in clinical trials for new drugs.
the plan for a scientific experiment
The original copy of any writing, as of a deed, treaty, dispatch, or other instrument.
The Protocol on the Role of National Parliaments is part of the Treaty of Amsterdam of 1997. Among other provisions, it was intended to ensure that national parliaments had time to consider draft EU legislation before decisions were made. See paragraphs 36-8.
This is a standard which enables devices such as computers to communicate with each other. The Oxford Dict definition is a treaty, a formal agreement
The international weightlifting term for the scoresheet, on which the complete competition is recorded, including each successful and unsuccessful lift and totals for all competitors.
A document registering the progress of the competition, indicating each successful and unsuccessful lift, the total result, the officials, the records achieved. (Also called the scoresheet).
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Instruction set for the transfer of data. The common streaming protocols are RTSP, MMS and HTTP.
The type of Internet transmission used such as HTTP meaning HyperText Transfer Protocal or RTSP meaning RealTime Streaming Protocol.
A set of guidelines, by which computers speak with one another. Web computers commonly use hypertext transfer protocol, or http. Thus, the full identification for the eye 4 image site is
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An approved and time-tested tool used by telephone triage practitioners. It can be paper-based or computer-based, depending on the application. PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network): The traditional international telephone system in which phone calls are switched or routed from origin to destination. This is in contrast to private networks and dedicated point-to-point services. Queue: A stack of calls on hold, or ringing, and waiting to be answered. Most call centers make use of a queue for increased agent efficiency and productivity.
A detailed script, decision tree, or patient flow diagram intended to guide decisions and action at specific DVC stations (e.g., triage).
A formal way of doing something, e. g. communicating.
Customers and regulations dealing with diplomatic formality, precedence, and etiquette.
a document that records the basic agreements reached in negotiations prior to the final form in which the agreement appears. Protocol also refers to the diplomatic manners that apply in ceremonial and formal business between states (seating arrangements at dinners, procedures at conferences, etc.)
Means very much the same as it means in diplomacy - its just a recognised way of establishing who does what and in what order things happen, a standard way of doing things.
In international politics, protocol is the etiquette of diplomacy and affairs of state.
An agreed set of procedures that ensures compatibility between the receivers and the transmitters of data.
Any defined set of procedures, conventions or methods that, when adhered to, allow two devices to interoperate; used to implement LAN services.
standardized procedures followed by physicians/nurses, so results of treatment of different patients can be compared.
The minutes, or rough draught, of an instrument or transaction.
To make or write protocols, or first draughts; to issue protocols.
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Sequence of treatment defined by local medical authorities for particular patient conditions. An AEMT or Paramedic may carry out treatment on an unstable patient "on protocol" without having to contact Medical Control ahead of time. The physicians overseeing local ALS provide Standing Orders that spell out treatment protocols that can be followed automatically by the ALS technicians.
A well defined program for treatment.
A strictly defined sequence of interaction between two or more systems.
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Protocol is a 1984 motion picture starring Goldie Hawn and Chris Sarandon.
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The way a study should be done or how it was done; sometimes the test or other measurement used.
the overall design, or blueprint, of the study
written description of study objectives and methods, including variables or interventions used, description of the study population, methods for data handling and analysis, procedures for handling unexpected events, and methods for notification and dissemination of results (see Checklists-Protocol at for guidance on protocol development).
the first copy of an instrument, written by a notary in his protocol book.
a book which a notary was obliged to keep, in which he was supposed to keep copies of all the instruments he had executed, or summaries of their essential points
An agreement of diplomatists indicating the results reached by them at a particular stage of a negotiation.
This an agreement as to how certain things should be done eg press protocol, GLA consultation protocol.
An agreement between NSW Health and Sydney Water which covers testing, monitoring and providing information to the public about microorganisms.
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See Multiplex. PSU
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Protocol were a British pop group formed in 2005 Produced by Mike Peden.
a written plan to follow for management of a condition in case of an emergency; useful tool for schools, day cares, summer camps, etc.
A documented and uniform process, which is followed to identify services, paid for by a waiver, which are necessary to meet the health and safety needs of individuals, and avoid their institutionalization.
the terms of agreement reached between the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (on behalf of the provinces and territories) and the federal government for distribution of OLEP funds
Protocol is episode 9 of the Serial Experiments Lain TV series originally aired 31 August 1998.
an original, unmodified record of events, experiments, speech, etc., made at the time of occurrence or immediately afterwards.
An object-oriented term for the public interface to which each object in an application adheres. An object's protocol consists of its public attributes and methods, and any arguments to those methods.
1. (of a class) The methods that all subclasses of the class either implement or inherit. 2. (of a function, esp. a generic function) The signature of the function.
A group of method s in a class definition. Every method in a class belongs to exactly one protocol. Methods are grouped into protocols for organizational purposes only. Also called message category.
"Envelopes" used to package data for interoperable flow of ITS information. Protocols can include information on addressing, security, priority, and other handling information.
A data transfer mode using Bit codes, Start Stop bits, Parity. Both transmitter and receiver must use the same protocols.
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A statement drawn up to attest certain events.
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A protocol is a series of steps, involving two or more parties, designed to accomplish a task.
A series of steps that two or more parties agree upon to complete a task.
A statement of the attributes (mainly benefits, features only when required) that a new product is expected to have. A protocol is prepared prior to assigning the project to the technical development team. The benefits statement is agreed to by all parties involved in the project.
The written and approved document of an experimental sequence of tests that, when executed as prescribed, are intended to produce documented evidence that the equipment or system does what it is designed or claims to do reproducibly. The protocol will address all elements of the validation sequence relevant to the process, equipment, or system being challenged.
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This attribute represents the scheme of the URI including the trailing colon (:)
Specified steps and questions that foster focused conversations about a topic or problem.
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The test form or student answer booklet.
A preliminary document upon the basis of which negotiations are carried on.
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The language used by a software programme.
In this document, the next higher level protocol identifier, an internet header field.
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A way of doing something - like always giving your name before your address.
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See Optional protocol.
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See specification.
To make a protocol of.