Definitions for "Time to live"
Keywords:  ttl, discarded, malamud, hop, datagram
The maximum amount of time that a data packet can travel on a network before being discarded and assumed to be lost. If you are using PING and getting...
The field used in a protocol (such as DNS or ICMP) to indicate how many more network hops are allowed before the packet is dropped (discarded) (and, in terms of a TCP protocol as opposed to a UDP protocol) an error returned to the sender.
A technique used by best-effort delivery protocols to inhibit endlessly looping packets. The packet is discarded if the TTL counter reaches 0.
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Keywords:  isa, cache, expiration, held, http
A custom setting that can be set to 0 or to a specified percentage of the age of an HTTP object. This setting determines the expiration policy of HTTP objects held in the ISA Server cache.
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