Definitions for "ISA"
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Individual Savings Account. A tax free investment contract, allowing investment into cash, life assurance and stocks and shares. It replaced PEPs and TESSAs for new contributions from April 1999. Different investment limits apply to maxi and mini ISAs, can be funded by lump sum or regular saving.
An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax efficient investment vehicle currently exempt from both UK Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. ISA's were introduced on 6 April 1999, to replace PEPs (Personal Equity Plans).
ISA stands for Individual Savings Account. ISAs are savings accounts free of personal taxes which can be used to hold many types of savings and investment products. They have replaced Personal Equity Plans and TESSAs.
Office of International Security Affairs in the Department of Defense
A type of slot similar to PCI, but older, more ubiquitous, and less capable of transferring large amounts of data quickly. ISA slots are longer than PCI slots. Unlike PCI devices, ISA devices each require IRQ settings; therefore, the installation of ISA components is often more complicated. Examples of ISA devices are sound cards, modems, and controller cards.
International Student Advisor
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See Jesus. –Ed.
Isa ibn Maryam is the Muslim name for Prophet Jesus, the son of Mary.
AS) Jesus, one of the greatest of all prophets. It was to Isa ( AS) that the Injeel (Gospels) were revealed.
Intelligence Services Act of 1994. This act placed SIS on a statutory footing and defines what the Service may do.
Intelligence Services Act 1994. The ISA established the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC), a committee of Parliamentarians charged with oversight of expenditure, administration and policy of the three security and intelligence agencies (the Security Service, SIS and GCHQ). (See: Oversight and legislation).
intelligent software agent
The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society
Instrument Society of America.
Abbreviation for Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society. An international, non-profit, technical organization. The society fosters advancement of the use of sensors, instruments, computers, and systems for measurement and control in variety of applications
Isa is the eighth full-length studio album by Enslaved. It is arguably the band's most progressive release to date, as several tracks actually segue continuously.
An abbreviation for Internet Security and Acceleration, a Microsoft service that functions as a firewall and offers caching and web performance features.
(Microsoft) Internet Security and Acceleration. ISA is the name of the Microsoft's server that replaces Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0. It provides caching, proxy server, and firewall features.
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Isa is the central character of a historical fiction graphic novel series, Les Passagers du vent (The Passengers of the Wind) by François Bourgeon.
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Initial social assessment
Information Sharing and Assessment – a newer name for IRT. A team within the Department of Education and Skills, and an initiative to promote information sharing and a common assessment process between agencies working with children and young people.
Importer Self Assessment The Importer Self-Assessment Program (ISA) is a voluntary partnership between the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and importers who have made an investment in trade compliance. The program allows those importers to assume the responsibilities of self-assessment with minimal CBP intrusion.
INVERSE SYNTHETIC APERTURE. Active sensor systems that create virtual swaths based on the pitch or yaw of the target. Since the size of the aperture is dictated by the motion of the target, ISAS detection capability is not limited by range. Useful in detecting relatively stationary small targets in high-noise environments.
Independent Scheduling Administrator. An entity, independent of transmissioning-owning organizations, intended to facilitate nondiscriminatory retail direct access using the transmission system (This term is commonly used in Arizona).
Independent Service Authority .
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See Interstellar Alliance
Shorthand for the specialization/generalization relationship. Basis for inheritance in object-oriented design. See also subsumption.
is a defines a direct relationship between a superclass and a subclass A subclass is a type of the superclass. ex: A dog is a n animal A circle is a shape
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Search program for users that, for example, finds the most economical offers for a product and, thus, guarantees the consumers a price comparison that is barely possible in traditional commerce.
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Systems designed to alert drivers when they exceed the speed limit or are travelling dangerously slow, with some systems also offering dynamic correction capabilities
Institute for Student Achievement
Individual Students Assessments. The different ways in which UF will measure whether students have successfully completed the Learning Outcomes for a particular major. These may include a passing score on a particular test, a final project, term paper, portfolio and so on.
An interchange control header identifier.
intermediate service agency. or intermediate unit (IU): Regional centers or agencies established by some state governments to provide needed services, assistance, and information to local schools and districts.
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Initial Space Alterations
Interactive Services Association
Initial storage size. A PL/I application program specification.