Definitions for "SCSI-2"
Keywords:  ansi, buses, wider, bus, fast
storage: A revised version of the SCSI protocol that can handle 16 or 32 bits at a time. The result is a substantial increase in speed.
The successor to SCSI-1 as defined by ANSI - X3.131-1992. SCSI-2 is upward compatible from SCSI-1. SCSI-2 specification allows for faster transmission rates, a wider bus (up to 32-bit wide), increased device addressing, and improved functionality.
is a complete document with all the Physical and protocol layers. SCSI asynchronous commands with Synchronous data transfer rates up to Fast 10 megatransfers per second or 20 megabytes per second. Bipolar technology with Open collector or active negation single ended bus transceivers, passive or active termination, and Differential (Now called HVD – High Voltage differential) bus transceivers based on EIA 485 allowed in SCSI-2. The A connectors are the 50 pin low density internal connector, low density Centronics external connector and the High density external connector. Cable terms the SCSI-2 connector is the high density 50 pin. The B connectors for wide bus was not practical because it required a second cable 68 pin High density.
The SCSI specification that adds features to the original SCSI-1 standard.