Definitions for "EISA"
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EISA is a standard bus (computer interconnection) architecture that extends the Industry Standard Architecture standard to a 32 bit interface. It was developed in part as an open alternative to the proprietary Micro Channel Architecture (Micro Channel Architecture) that IBM introduced in its PS/2 computers.
Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture (32-bit bus)
This is the 32-bit extension of the 16-bit ISA expansion slot. It was generally used only in server machines, and it never caught on for consumers because...
the Okinawan form of Obon drum dancing
Eisa (エイサー) is a form of folk dance unique to the Ryukyu Islands. It is performed many times throughout the year at various festivals; traditionally, however, Eisa performances are concentratead around lunar mid-July, when it has been used for centuries to mark the end of the Obon Festival.
Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority
European Independent Steelworks Association, Europe
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