Definitions for "ASPI"
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Set of software primitives and data structures which allow software using the ASPI interface to be SCSI host adapter-independent.
dvanced CSI rogramming nterface, a method that some programs use to access data on drives. Although designed for SCSI drives, it is actually required for non-SCSI devices too, so Force ASPI is sometimes required. Useful for accurate DVD and CD ripping.
An acronym for "Advanced SCSI Peripheral Interface" designed by Adaptec as a software driver for most SCSI peripherals. Provides direct support for most CD-ROM drives, changers and jukeboxes.
(Appalachian Science in the Public Interest) • Headquartered in Livingston, KY, co-sponsored with Heartwood, the Forest Commons meeting in 1995.
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Advanced Sustainable Performance Index. ASPI Eurozone lists the top 120 Euro zone companies in terms of sustainable development performance. These companies are rated by the French agency Vigeo, according to 6 socially responsible criteria.
All Schools Performance Index.
All Share Price Index. The ASPI measures the movement of share prices of all listed companies. The ASPI is based on market capitalisation. Weighting of shares is conducted in proportion to the issued ordinary capital of the listed companies, valued at current market price (i.e. market capitalisation).
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Asynchronous ATA
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