Definitions for "ECP "
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ecp is intended to be an extended version of the GNU coreutils' cp. It currently supports ftp transfers, progress display , with http and ssl planned.
Enhanced/Extended Capabilities Port
Enhanced Capabilities Port [Microsoft
Excessive Cross Posting: When a post is made to multiple groups in excess of a service-provider's maximum-allowable number (usually ranging from four to six groups,) after which the post can be considered ECP. Check your service-provider's TOS/AUP (Terms of Service/Acceptable Use Policy) for their number, but four is usually permissible, while more than that is very often ECP.
11] Excessive CrossPosting (-" VERA
Excessive Cross-Posting. Crossposting an article to many newsgroups at once. Such articles are rarely relevant to so many newsgroups at once and are usually the hallmark of a clueless newbie or a spammer.
Eosinophilic cationic protein. A basic cytotoxic protein from eosinophils, white blood cells. ECP is used as a marker for inflammation and is measured in serum.
Eosinophil cationic protein
(Emergency Contraceptive Pill): (used to be called the Morning After Pill) a form of contraception which can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, or if a condom has broken or slipped off, to prevent pregnancy. (See: Be safe: Contraception , and Contraceptives: information about different types). If you think you may need Emergency Contraception go to Need Help Now.
Emergency Contraceptive Pill. This is also known as the 'morning after pill'. ECP is a prescription hormone pill that prevents pregnancy if taken within 72 hours after having unprotected sexual intercourse.
Encryption Control Protocol. The Network Control Protocol for negotiating the use of encryption over PPP links. ECP is documented in RFC 1968.
Exposure Control Plan
Encryption Control Protocol. Used to negotiate data encryption over PPP links.
Electron Channeling Patterns A pattern formed by the periodic backscattering of electrons by the specimen lattice in a SEM. Allows determination of crystal structure and lattice parameters in crystals 20 micrometers diameter.
Electronic Check Presentment, is the transmission of the contents of a cash letter (based on MICR line capture) to a paying bank in advance of physical delivery of the (paper) cash letter, or as a result of the truncation of the cash letter items.
Electronic Claims Professional. Individual who converts insurance claims to standardized electronic format and transmits electronic insurance claims date to the insurance carrier or clearinghouse to help the physician receive payment.
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estradiol cyprionate
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Eye Care Provider. see Optometrist, Opthalmologist, or Optician
A breakthrough glaucoma treatment that uses a laser to treat the ciliary body of the eye, which produces fluid, to reduce fluid production and reduce intraocular pressure. The ciliary body is a small gland running around the circumference of the eye behind the iris. Many glaucoma patients who have undergone the ECP procedure have had their glaucoma medications reduced or even eliminated.
early communication process. Consists of four levels of communication- gaining attention; making requests/expressing interests; making choices/expressing preferences; use of symbols to make choices/express preferences.
Environmental clearance process
the Environmental Choice Program is an ecolabelling program of Environment Canada that promotes the use of environmentally responsible goods and services, encouraging consumers, organizations and government to buy "green." More information is available at
Greek Orthodox Church of Panama, Mexico, Central America & the Carribean
Engineering Change Proposal
European Common Proposal, to be adopted by CEPT/CPG
Engineering Change Proposals. Contractual means of implementing hardware and software changes to the design.
Enchanced Cooperation Program in Papua New Guinea.
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Email EUCL
EliteCore Project is a PHP
EMCS Computerisation Project
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Eddy Current Edison Effect
error correction protocol. Technique used in modems to cancel out extraneous electrical noise and repeat unsuccessful online transmissions.
See Executive Cellular Processor.
End Case Executive And Administrative Schedule (eas)
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Estimated Critical Position
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See Commercial Paper.