Definitions for "sem"
Scanning electronic microscope.
See Scanning Electron Microscopy.
Scanning electron microscopy. produces high resolution images of the morphology or topography of the sample surface by imaging the electrons reflected when the sample is scanned with an electron beam. Monitoring the secondary X-rays produced by the electron-sample interaction using energy dispersive spectroscopy for element identification allows compositional analysis.
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Act of marketing a website via search engines, whether this be improving rank in organic listings, purchasing paid listings or a combination of these and other search engine-related activities. (Source: SEMPO)
Seller Engineering Memo
canning lectron icroscopy
canning lectron icroscope
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earch ngine arketing
Simultaneously extracted metals. Metal concentrations that are extracted during the same analysis in which the acid-volatile sulfide (AVS) content of the sediment is determined.
Structural Equation Modelling. A close relation of Confirmatory Factor Analysis, this is a powerful technique for hypothesis testing, implemented through specialist software such as LISREL and AMOS. It is a state-of-the-art and very rigorous technique for testing models.
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The Sem priest in Ancient Egypt was usually depicted wearing the leopard skin. The Sem priest's functions are usually associated with the Opening of the Mouth rituals in the mortuary cult.
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Seminar STU Studio
Ordinary (dualistic) mind . when we use the word sem, we are referring to mind when it is temporarily obscured and distorted by thoughts based upon the dualistic perceptions of subject and object . HHDL
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abbr. slow eye movement
Slow Eye Movements. Slow, rolling movements of the eyes under closed eyelids that occur as one drifts to sleep in stage 1.
Spread; used to describe an unspecified number of emblems spread over the FIELD of a flag or SHIELD.
Small entrepreneurial manufacturer.
SECURITY EVENT MANAGEMENT. System that collects security related log information from a wide variety of devices, uses real-time correlation to create actionable alerts from a multitude of events, and archives events so that they can be reviewed and analyzed at a later date.
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SEM stands for Special End and Middle Marking. As the name implies this rope has a middle marking like with the same advantages as the ARC system. The added advantage to this rope type is that it also indicates the end 6 Metres. This allows a warning to be passed to the leader when they are running out of rope.
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Spectral Element Method
Strategic Enterprise Management
sem is a command line interface for working with named semaphores. This allows you to easily coordinate multiple shell scripts, enforce one at a time access to files, etc.
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Special Energy Meter
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Shared Equity Mortgage