Definitions for "Search engine optimization"
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Optimising a website, making it appear higher on search engine charts for certain key words and phrases.
the process of preparing a web site for proper submission to the search engines, includes addressing design, imaging, content, META tags, links and Search Engine Submission. Also referred to as Search Engine: Positioning, Placement, Ranking, Marketing, Promotion, Web Site: Promotion, Ranking, Placement, Marketing, Positioning, Optimization, Internet: Marketing, Positioning, Placement, Ranking, On-line: Promotion, Ranking, Placement, Marketing, Positioning, Optimization or referred to by acronyms: SEO SEP
Search Engine Optimization is the constantly changing and very competitive practice of designing web sites and pages to rank as highly as possible in search results from search engines. When a search is done in a search engine the first web sites to appear on the list under sponsored links are the best search engine optimized sites for the keyword entered in.
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Making sure a client gets one of the top result listings when a customer uses a search service.