Definitions for "Meta Keywords Tag"
Keywords:  keyword, tag, rank, ignore, commas
This is a meta tag which should contain keywords from the contents of the web page. Previously this tag was used extensively as part of the Search Engine Optimisation of web pages but most search engines do not now use this as part of their ranking criteria. However, it is still recommended to include one even if currently it's primary usage is as a reminder of the targeted keyword phrases for the page.
The META keyword tag allows the website authors to provide the Search Engines with a listing of keywords that you want to find under. !-- ctxt_ad_partner = "1780786010"; ctxt_ad_section = "10477"; ctxt_ad_bg = ""; ctxt_ad_width = 336; ctxt_ad_height = 280; ctxt_ad_bc = "ffffff"; ctxt_ad_cc = "ffffff"; ctxt_ad_lc = "0000aa"; ctxt_ad_tc = "333333"; ctxt_ad_uc = "fffffd"; // -- META Refresh The META refresh attribute in a META tag in which one URL is replaced with another URL after a predetermined period of time. This allows to redirect= end users from one URL to another URL location.
A tag that contains a list of words related to the subject of a web site or an individual web page. Most search engines will ignore this tag.