Definitions for "Keywords Meta Tag"
Keywords:  meta, tag, morepro, relevant, phrases
Tag in the "Head" section of an HTML document. Contains a list of keywords that are found on the page.
A short list of keywords relevant to that page appearing in the HEAD. Some search engines consider this when indexing a page but this tag now has very little importance, if any. However it should still be used.
HTML code that designates a set of the main keywords and terms that are relevant to the page's content. Search engines sometimes use these keyword meta tags to determine page rank. There has been a lot of abuse by Web sites in the past resulting in search engines reducing the significance of keyword relevance. It's still an important factor when optimizing. Example: meta name="keywords" content="web site promotion services,website promotion company,seo,search engine optimization,online marketing,specialized marketing,internet marketing,morepro marketing inc"