Definitions for "positioning"
In the FX markets, positioning refers to the placement of a trade in reference...
The strategy of aligning the rationale for a project with the strategic business needs of a company.
The process of creating an image for a product in the minds of target customers.
The optimal seated position in a wheelchair places the individual's hips, knees and feet at 90 degree angles. The individual should feel secure, comfortable and relaxed.
Another term for optimization.
Patient positioning to obtain the optimal image quality on the anatomy in question.
In the context of search engines, it is the position that a sites entry is display in any search engine query.
Search engines and directories use a variety of methods to order or rank web sites or web pages and position them in terms of relevancy to a particular query.
The resulting location of your web site in a search engine listing based upon your ranking.
The way in which a person or thing is placed or arranged. The goals of positioning for a person with a burn injury are to 1) reduce swelling 2) and to make it as easy as possible to maintain and regain normal motions after a burn.
Positioning is a process that involves arranging an person's posture to best facilitate motor functioning which has a direct impact on the accuracy, speed, ease of the person's movements.
The manner in which a person is placed or arranged; posture, seating.
an attempt by everyone, congress, the admin, and the courts to deal with the hangover and the morning after remorse
The transport of empty equipment from a depot to shipper's premises or from consignee's premises back to a depot as the empty leg of a carrier haulage transport.
Ferrying aircraft for departure from other than originating airport. (Also for return.)
The processes and technologies used to specify positions in space. Positions are specified with reference to a coordinate system datum, and an ellipsoid.
factors involved in how a researcher responds to the data collected, including the researcher's age, gender, class, nationality, and race in addition to the researcher's life experiences that influence interpretation of the data and the researcher's choice of language to explain it.
Constructing the image of an operation for a target market through careful planning of all operational aspects (price, quality of roasted coffee, serving quality).
An approach to trading in which the trader either buys or sells contracts and holds them for an extended period of time, as distinguished from Day Trading, in which the trader will normally initiate and offset his position within a single trading session.
Mobile positioning is an experimental technique used by telecommunication companies to approximate where a mobile phone, and thereby also its user, is.
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the act of putting something in a certain place or location
Positioning is another way to place elements, such as text and graphics, on a page. Positioning lets the page author control the exact location and layer order of a page element. ኣቀማምጣ View
The part of the page, page number, and section where an advertisement appears.
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causing to fall into line or into position