Definitions for "Admin"
The name of the administrator responsible for the most recent distribution of the profile containing the monitor.
One of the administrators of Memory Alpha. These contributors are responsible for cleanup and other "housekeeping" chores on the wiki.
One of the administrators of the WOD Wiki. These contributors are responsible for cleanup and other "housekeeping" chores on the wiki.
a person who takes charge of everything, meaning you can take over anybody's account
An individual avatar or player of a virtual space who has been granted special powers within the space in order to administrate some aspect of it. Short, of course, for administrator. See also Immortal, God, Wizard.
Administrators - Those Immortals who decide on, and enforce, game policies, rules, style, concepts etc. They are usually the heads of the different sections (Head Builder, Head Coder, etc.). They also deal with any matters external to Aeon including dealing with the server the game is running on, arranging advertising, managing players, and generally keeping everything running as smoothly as possible.
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a highly qualified(usually) person or bot here to help look over the chat site
a person who "Controls" the Bot and Helps out Users) And thats my Settings Tutorial
The default user name for administrating NetEnforcer, with the default password allot. It is strongly recommended to change this password.
The default user on the WLSE, created during initial setup of the WLSE. The admin user has the System Administrator role and level 15 CLI priviletges. The admin user cannot be deleted.
Default name of the Web UI superuser or global administrator.
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afaik afd afk akill atm
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a member of the blog that can edit entries and view stats
contains scripts for resetting the "You Make the Call" poll and for editing SiteLine responses in Module III. These scripts are written in PHP and would have to be modified for different servers or installations.
Short for "administrator", someone who oversees some number of impros, or an entire impro website. The ultimate admin is, of course, Twoflower, although he is now basically retired from impro-style works.
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Admin Overview
The content management system (admin) tools which are used to update the database driven content for the page.
Short form of Administrator. Refers to a volunteer responsible for project management of the Open Directory Project. See also: Admin Guidelines
Logging into Workgroup Management System
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a Creator who has, for whatever reason, been promoted to a position of authority over a particular area
An admin or an administrator is usually the person who controls the server. They handle the day-to-day working of the server, and may also configure items such as email addresses, redirects, databases, and adding a new domain name to the server.
Adminstrative posting to List Owner or a newsgroup procedure
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a leader , which means that he should lead by example