Definitions for "Tutorial"
Of or pertaining to a tutor; belonging to, or exercised by, a tutor.
A class{6} or short series of classes in which one or more instructors provide intensive instruction on some subject to a small group. Such short courses of instruction may be held at an institution of learning, or in any other place where a small group may desire a brief but thorough introduction to a topic.
Seminar or recitation; a small group of students created from subdividing the original class. The large class usually meets for large lectures while the tutorial group meets for concentrated discussion.
A web based lesson that uses hyperlinks for navigation.
n. Information presented in a teaching format.
a lesson or a how-to
A set of instructions on how to use a particular computer program, built into the software package itself, displayed on the computer screen, and organized in a stepwise manner so as to familiarize a new user with all of or the most important features of the program.
A series of step-by-step, interactive instructions that explain the system operation to new users and help them set up their mailboxes.
A computer tutorial is an interactive software program created as a learning ...
a mini short course/workshop
a regular catalog course for which we would have on file syllabi from previous years, etc
An on-line mini-course, part of the American FactFinder Help system, which demonstrates how to accomplish various important tasks using the FactFinder site.
a collection of materials specifically prepared for this publication by editors, and/or reprints of appropriate articles published in the subject area
a half-day or a full-day gathering that is cross-disciplinary in nature, and aims to give participants a brief overview of the subject matter
an explanation of an sequential procedure that can be applied systematically with reproducible and predictable results
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a bundle of related products we've put together to save you money
Where you start with first level characters. Also referred to as Pre Searing Ascalon
an on-set featurette that's not nearly as salacious as it sounds
a multi-paged article with lots of detail
an article whose particular significance is to elucidate or explain previously obtained results and has original research
a sign of mastery, because that means that you've found a way to do something well and you're willing to share it with others
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a wonderful addition to a user manual
a particularly effective mechanism for technology transfer and we encourage technical leaders, both established and emerging, to accept this as a call to action to serve our larger engineering community
Suggested text which may be used in describing evidence.
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a connected series of test cases that lead the user through the key features of the software