Definitions for "leaders"
Keywords:  dashes, tabular, dots, guide, row
A row of dots used to guide the eye across a page between related information in a table, a listing, or a table of contents.
A series of characters (usually dots or dashes) between two widely spaced characters used to control eye movement from one character to the other more distant character.
Dots set on the baseline between two vertical columns so that the reader's eye is directed from one column across to the correct line in the other column; for example, leaders can be used to join chapter titles and page numbers in a table of contents.
The people who co-ordinate and balance the interests of all those with a stake in the organisation, including the executive team, all other managers and those in team leadership positions or with a subject leadership role.
a private community of executives actively engaged in SOA innovation and use
employees not designated as Agents, such as Program Assistants and Educational Program Specialist, in the local county offices of the Cooperative Extension Service, high school-age teens designated as Teen Leaders, community and parent volunteers, and bus drivers who provide leadership to youth members of the county 4-H Clubs
the body of people who lead a group; the leadership{3}; as, they hung the leaders of the insurrection.
the body of people who lead a group; "the national leadership adopted his plan"
anyone who is responsible for the performance of others
The best-performing securities over a given time period. opposite of laggard.
The tallest shoots of a plant where most vertical growth takes place.
A channel of charged air created by excess electrons in a thunderstorm cloud. A leader reaches from the cloud to the ground below, looking for positive charges.