Definitions for "SPREADSHEET"
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A software program that is used when numbers, formulas, and mathematical calculations are involved.
The two-dimensional matrix of rows and columns where you can enter headings, numbers, and formulas. spreadsheet file A file containing one or more spreadsheets created in the proprietary file format of a spreadsheet program.
An applications program, used in financial forecasting, that can quickly handle calculations and perform evaluation. (SpSht, Gr. 6)
a computerized ledger book which many people still use as a paper trail to keep track of expenses for their business
a little like a computerized workbook into which you enter all kinds of stats that, in the end and unless you have goofed, will add up the hours, multiply them by the wage, deduct the taxes and even write the paychecks
an electronic version of an accountant's ledger book
a convenient tool for recording every receipt
a dynamic tool for teaching mathematics, creating a diverse range of interactive mathematical models, and developing visualization techniques in a format that is very accessible and attractive to mathematicians and students
a general-purpose office tool
a cell range with additional interfaces and is represented by the service com
a huge chart, composed entirely of rectangular pigeon holes (called cells)
an application that displays small boxes called cells
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a hooker's foreplay
a good place to gain a thorough understanding of the methodology
a metaphor that many, many people understand and are comfortable with for creating interesting layouts - probably a lot more than those who know how to do HTML editing with tables
an easy way to keep these records and I understand there are various programs available to use if you are not computer literate enough to set up your own system
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Gradebook' screen. Term used to refer to the TAM screen on which teachers see all, or a subset of, assignments and student marks. Using the gradebook functionality, teachers enter assessments and marks which can be posted to eSIS.
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Sprinkling trust SPX
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Stale price Stale price arbitrage
Software designed to complete financial tasks, such as accounting or forecasting expenses and income.
Software programme that allows you to store, compare and analyse large amounts of data. Commonly used for budgets, forecasting and accounts and data analyse.
a good way to communicate with other fiscal analysts but the format excludes many amateurs
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a good time-saving device for small companies, or indeed advisers to small companies, who wish to produce regular management accounts"
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a good idea to keep track of what functions various services will do
a nice way to track/trend your parameters
a type of computer application which allows the user to modify a given parameter and measure the effect of such a modification upon other relevant parameters
a useful and flexible alternative for project scheduling and management
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A spreadsheet Office
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a way to set up relationships between numbers