Definitions for "Performance Analysis"
The second phase of Requirements Analysis in which indicators, standards and the Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) for key tasks are identified.
a first step toward a high-performance IT environment and is a prerequisite to the more detailed capacity planning analysis
the measurement of educational achievement by tasks that call for the student to produce a response like that required in the instructional environment, as in portfolios or projects.
A means of qualifying software run time behaviour in terms of execution time, absolute, relative, distribution and total interrupt latency time linkage, i.e. what calls what duration - comparison of time spent in and out of a software object or region
A specific, performance-based needs assessment technique that precedes any design or development activities by analyzing the performance problems of a work organization.
Keywords:  gaps, desired, actually, doing, people
A process of determining the gaps between desired performance (what people should be doing) and actual performance (what people actually are doing).