Definitions for "Linkage"
A system of straight lines or bars, fastened together by joints, and having certain of their points fixed in a plane. It is used to describe straight lines and curves in the plane.
The proximity of two or more genes on the genome of an organism that causes those genes to be inherited, transferred, or moved together with a frequency greater than for genes not associated. The linkage is a continuous variable, and is inversely related to the distance between genes on the genome.
Genes that are inherited together more often than would be expected due to chance. Linked genes are found relatively close together on the same chromosome.
n. 1. any of various parts in a lock that help transfer motion to the bolt of a lock from a cylinder, turnpiece or other actuator not mounted to or touching the bolt/lock case, 2. part of the interconnected boltworks of an automotive lock
A connection between parts used to transmit motion from one to the other.
The type of connection that is mandated or voluntarily established between a charter school and a traditional LEA.
a mechanical system of rods or springs or pivots that transmits power or motion
a sequence of rods, connected by free hinges (the pieces can move arbitrarily relative to each other)
a series of straight rods connected at the ends, which are free to pivot in a plane
"[A] representation in linguistic theory of an assemblage that includes just those properties that are required to account for the communicative behavior associate with the assemblage" (126).
In linguistics, a linkage is a group of undoubtedly related languages for whom no proto-language can be reconstructed. Common to linkages are defining features which are absent from geographic extremes. A linkage may result when the members of a dialect chain diverge while sharing subsequent innovations.
Linkage was a policy pursued by the United States of America, championed by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, during the 1970s period of Cold War Détente which aimed to persuade the Soviet Union and Communist China to co-operate in restraining revolutions in the Third World in return for concessions in nuclear and economic fields. The policy was however fundamentally undermined due to the amount of revolutions occurring during this time wholly independent of Soviet involvement.
The lift system universally used on tractors to attach and lift machinery such as ploughs, cultivators, drills etc. consisting of two lower powered lift arms and a fixed top central link.
A direct or indirect causal relationship between two or more systems, where changes in one affect the status of another. Linkages among systems are often reflected in the indicators that measure the health of those systems. Connections originate from actions, policies, projects, social conditions, economic forces, and environmental changes that affect two or more indicators.
The ability to buy (sell) contracts on one exchange (such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ) and later sell (buy) them on another exchange (such as the Singapore International Monetary Exchange.)
The ability to buy or sell a contract on one exchange and sell or buy the contract on another exchange.
The explicit relationship among probabilities or utilities in the branches that ought to be related (for example, the probabilities of a bad outcome in the case of treatment and no treatment for a given condition).
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a parse of a sentence
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tying one sort of development to related services, i.e., requiring office space developers to provide a certain number of housing units or adjunct services like child care.
an astrological indication of compatibility
Manner of linking or of being linked; -- said of the union of atoms or radicals in the molecule.
a code or other encryption that allows information obtained about an individual to be recorded in such a manner as to allow human subjects to be identified, either directly or indirectly.
A count of the number of links pointing (inbound links) at a website. Many search engines now count linkage in their algorithms.
An area of land that supports or contributes to the long-term movement of wildlife.
a facility for joining interfaces, allowing system composition Scheduler
Any object, factor, or relationship that creates a bond or association between two other objects.
an associative relation
In programming languages, particularly C++, linkage describes how symbols are represented in an executable or object file.
The time and distance between a designed use of property and the intended users.
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The act of linking; the state of being linked; also, a system of links.
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See Link. [D02964