Definitions for "Causal"
Lupus Riboflavin
Ingestion Stents
Ingestion Riboflavin
This is the layer of the aura or frequency band located just beyond the mental level. It is termed "causal" because, according to esotericism, it carries the Self's (Soul or Spirit) fundamental intentionality to be, and this is the ultimate cause of our existence. Seen clairvoyantly, the causal body is pale and ethereal, with iridescent colors like those of a soap bubble. At this level, the Self is not constrained by the usual limits of time and space and causality, but is able to experience the universality of life and to perceive meanings and interrelationships which are normally not available to us. This level does not disintegrate after the death of the physical body as the astral and mental bodies eventually do. It persists from life to life.
The causal plane is just above the astral plane. The place where memories and karmic patterns are stored. The reader of the future or past looks to this plane for information, or accesses it from other dimensions.
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Inorganic Ribavirin
Inorganic Reagent
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Irinotecan Retrospective
Intramuscular Retrograde
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Interstitial Remission
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Labile Secretion
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Kinetic Sclerosis
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Lobe Saliva
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Relating to a cause or causes; inplying or containing a cause or causes; expressing a cause; causative.
adj. Indicating or expressing a cause.
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Lymphocytic Sneezing
Inferring from findings that an antecedent leads to the health state under study.
involving or constituting a cause; causing; "a causal relationship between scarcity and higher prices"
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Lipid Semen
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Malignant Surgical
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Lesion Systemic
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A causal word or form of speech.
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A result brought about due to change in another factor.
a category of domain relation s indicating dependence among events, states, and objects.