Definitions for "Systemic"
Term used to describe pesticides or fungicides that are taken up by plant leaves and growths and then work from within the plant.
A pesticide which goes inside the plant and travels in the sap stream. [ GO BACK TO TOP INDEX
Taken up through the roots or leaf tissues into the cells of the cotton plant (as opposed to remaining on the surface), often in concentrations high enough to affect a biological change (e.g., at planting soil insecticides taken up by cotton seeding roots and transported through the plant's vascular system to suppress or kill leaf-feeding thrips or Roundup herbicide absorbed into the vascular system of weeds and translocated to the root zone in high enough concentrations to kill the weed).
Of or relating to a system; common to a system; as, the systemic circulation of the blood.
Of or pertaining to the general system, or the body as a whole; as, systemic death, in distinction from local death; systemic circulation, in distinction from pulmonic circulation; systemic diseases.
Relating to the body as a whole
Systemic is a research project designed to search data for extrasolar planets using amateur astronomers. The project is an example of distributed computing which utilizes a downloaded console provided on the Systemic web site allowing users to sort through data sets in search of characteristics which may reveal the presence of a planet within a solar system. The project is similar in some sense to [email protected] which searches for extraterrestrial intellgence, but instead of running in the background is actively manipulated by the user.
the inter-relatedness and interdependency of processes and people within a system. Continuous improvement requires a balance of both systematic actions and systemic thinking.
When used in a medical sense, a term that refers to the internal features of an illness (e.g., kidney disease, heart disease, lung disease). As in, "this young woman has systemic lupus erythematosus expressed predominantly as kidney and brain disease."
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