Definitions for "Skin graft"
a method of treating damaged or lost skin in which a piece of skin is taken from another area of the body and transplanted in a damaged or missing section
Replacing an area of skin with another piece taken from elsewhere in the body. Occasionally in skin cancer surgery, a wide area of skin is affected and has to be removed. This is then replaced with a piece of your own skin. This is most often taken from the upper thigh. Skin grafts have to be carefully watched while they are healing to make sure that they are getting a good enough blood supply and that they are free from infection.
a piece of skin taken from a donor area and surgically grafted at the site of an injury or burn
The procedure to take skin from one part of a person's body and transfer it somewhere else
A portion of skin which is moved from one part of the body to the other, such as using a skin graft from the hip to create an areola.
when skin is transferred from one part of the body to the surgery site during plastic surgery.