Definitions for "Subcutaneous"
a medical term meaning "beneath the skin"
The fat tissues in the skin.
Beneath the skin or introduced beneath the skin (eg, subcutaneous injections).
Lying below or under the cutaneous (dermis, leather) tissue. This tissue is usually composed of fat cells and the structures that run through it, i.e., blood vessels, nerves, etc. Fat is a soft, shock-absorbing barrier that acts as a conduit for the nerves and blood vessels. As well, subcutaneous tissue is an energy-storage device. See Fat in the glossary. The sebaceous glands of the hair follicle arise in the subcutaneous layer and are in high concentration on the face and scalp. There are no sebaceous glands on the palms or soles.
relating to or located below the epidermis; "hypodermic needle"; "subcutaneous implant"
adj. below or underneath an outer layer
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mastectomy: See mastectomy.
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