Definitions for "Scar"
A mark in the skin or flesh of an animal, made by a wound or ulcer, and remaining after the wound or ulcer is healed; a cicatrix; a mark left by a previous injury; a blemish; a disfigurement.
A mark left upon a stem or branch by the fall of a leaf, leaflet, or frond, or upon a seed by the separation of its support. See Illust. under Axillary.
To mark with a scar or scars.
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Scar is a fictional lion character and the primary villain of Walt Disney Pictures' popular 1994 animated movie The Lion King. He was voiced by Jeremy Irons in the original film and his supervising animator was Andreas Deja. He has since made appearances in other Disney media.
SCAR (S**te Compared to AutoRune) is an imperative programming language modeled after Pascal designed to automate tasks in online games (especially MMORPG's, one of which is Rune Scape).
"Scar" is an episode of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series.
An isolated or protruding rock; a steep, rocky eminence; a bare place on the side of a mountain or steep bank of earth.
A rock formation on the side of a mountain.
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Small Claims Assessment Review. In cases where the determination of the BAR does not provide the requested relief, owners of qualifying properties are eligible for judicial review via Small Claims Assessment Review (Form RPTL 730). (see SCAR section)
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A marine food fish, the scarus, or parrot fish.
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To brown the surface of meat quickly by cooking on a fierce flame.
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
To form a scar.
a tradeoff a patient must accept to achieve form and function from a surgical procedure
See Society for Computer Applications in Radiology.
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Rolled tobacco leaf
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an objective factor
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an indication of damage