Definitions for "Bone graft"
A bone transplantation.
This is the pieces of bone which are used for surgical fusion. Bone can be removed from one part of the body to be used in another area. Bone graft can come from a donor. Artificial bone graft can be manufactured.
One option for fusing the spine. It requires either moving bone from one part of the body (autograft) or using bone from an outside source, that is cadaver. (allograft).
a surgical procedure for adding height or width to a jawbone in order to increase its volume for the placement of an implant
a surgical procedure that involves the placement of a bone substitute material into a defect, to replace missing bone
a surgical procedure that replaces missing bone with material from the patient's own body (autogenous bone) or an artificial, synthetic, or natural substitute
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a surgery performed to place new bone into spaces between or around abnormal bones
a surgery to insert bone into the area of a cleft lip or palate.
Insertion of bone into the area of a cleft lip or palate
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a bone placed in between two other bones to get the bones to grow together
a procedure where small pieces of bone are put in between two segments of bone in order to help them grow together
either artificial (synthetic) bone, human bone from the same individual, or from a bone bank, used to increase bone height or width.