Definitions for "detoxification"
Keywords:  addict, toxin, rid, poison, cleansed
a medically supervised treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol intended to rid the body of the addictive substances.
treatment for poisoning by counteracting its toxic properties.
conversion (of a poisonous substance) to a non-toxic or harmless state.
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Neonatal Ureaplasma
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Malabsorption Stent
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Rendering a substance harmless by reacting it with another chemical, chemically modifying it, or destroying the molecule through combustion or thermal decomposition.
Is the interruption of the use of psychoactive substances, in a brutal or progressive way. The removal consist of setting the organism free of the need of products. Love Pill: Ecstasy pill.
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Mesothelioma Sterile
The process in which all opiates are withdrawn. This usually involves a gradual decrease in the amount of buprenorphine that the patient is taking.
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a quest or journey deep into the forgotten places within
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Mobility Testis
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