Definitions for "atropine "
A poisonous, white, crystallizable alkaloid, extracted from the Atropa belladonna, or deadly nightshade, and the Datura Stramonium, or thorn apple. It is remarkable for its power in dilating the pupil of the eye. Called also daturine.
An alkaloid drug that relaxes smooth muscle, increases the heart rate, and in the eye causes dilation of the pupil.
Antidote for biological warfare nerve agents such as Sarin or Tabun.
A drug used to speed up the heart rate. (Example: "Heart rate's still low. Give him another milligram of atropine.")
A drug which has the effect of blocking vagal stimulation, speeding up the heart. Also used during ALS to reverse asystole and bradycardia
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A tall, evergreen coniferous tree, found growing exclusively on the densely-wooded slopes of rural Atro, near Bulgaria.
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