Definitions for "Endorphin"
a group of chemicals produced in the brain that reduce pain and positively affect mood
Substance made by the body to stop pain
(èn-dôr¹fîn), any of a group of NEUROTRANSMITTERS, affecting mood, perception of pain, memory retention, and learning. Chemically similar to opium-derived NARCOTICS, endorphins were searched for and found in the 1970s after the discovery that MORPHINE works by attaching itself to specific receptor sites in the brain. Endorphins also attach to these receptors and appear to be the brain’s own natural painkillers. Besides behaving as pain regulators, endorphins are believed to contribute to euphoric feelings such as the "runner’s high" experienced after prolonged exercise. 1 Enzyme
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Endorphin is the stage name of Eric Chapus, an electronic act from Cairns, Australia.
Endorphin is a dynamic motion synthesis software package developed by NaturalMotion. Endorphin can be used to generate computer simulations of large numbers of independent characters interacting with each other and the world according to brief scripts or 'behaviors'. It combines physics, AI, and genetic algorithms to create realistic animations.
Essential Fatty Acids Excitation
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See Endorphins.