Definitions for "Steroids"
A type of hormone used to reduce swelling and inflammation. These drugs also suppress the function of the immune system.
Medicines that are used to reduce inflammation
a group of drugs that includes corticosteroids, which resemble hormones produced by the adrenal glands, and anabolic steroids, which are similar to the hormones produced by the male sex organs
chemicals found in medical tablets; some kinds can improve athletic performance and strength but have serious side-effects
Substances made naturally in the body. Have many different uses, including the immune response. Steroids can now be made artificially and given as treatment in tablets or injections. In lymphomas they are given with chemotherapy as part of the treatment. They have side effects such as difficulty sleeping, increased appetite and water retention.
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are lipids that have a unique ring-like structure.
Compounds containing a 17-carbon, four-ring system.
A group of lipids that contain a cyclic ring system.
See glucocorticosteroids
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See Steroid.