Definitions for "Steroid"
These are a group of chemicals that are produced naturally in the body. For example, the hormones testosterone and oestrogen are steroids. Steroids may also be produced artificially and used as medical drugs. These tend to have anti-inflammatory effects.
molecule synthesized from cholesterol. contains cyclopentenoperhydrophenanthrene nucleus.
One of a group of fat-soluble organic compounds with a characteristic chemical composition. A number of different hormones, drugs, and other substances including cholesterol, are classified as steroids.
medications very commonly used to reduce soreness, swelling and discomfort.
A type of drug that is used to reduce swelling and inflammation. A negative effect of steroid treatment is the reduction of bone mass.
an illegal drug that will make you stronger
Medicine to reduce the activity of the body's immune system.
A name given to a group of medicines as well as a naturally occurring group of substances.