Definitions for "acetaminophen"
a white crystalline compound (HO.C6H4.NH.CO.CH3) used as an analgesic and also as an antipyretic. It has molecular weight 151.16. It is the active ingredient in the commercial analgesics Tylenol and Datril.
A synthetic chemical used as an analgesic and as an antipyretic.
commonly used non-narcotic analgesic drug available without a prescription
a drug used to treat osteoarthritis.
APAP, paracetamol; an over-the-counter painkiller which is toxic in high doses.
Drug which causes severe toxicity in cats, also known as paracetamol
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Histocompatibility Plague
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Enema Perioperative
Gastrointestinal Pernicious
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Flushing Paresis
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Facial Perioral
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Genotype Osteoporosis
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Extracellular Pancreas
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Gastritis Oral
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Hepatic Polypeptide