Definitions for "Opioids"
The strongest pain relievers available; a prescription is needed for these medicines. - Weak opioids - opioids that can relieve mild to moderate pain. - Strong opioids - opioids that can relieve severe pain.
Means "like or similar to opium" and refers to medications with opium-like effects. This term is used to describe any synthetic drug that possesses the characteristic properties of opiate narcotics but is not derived from opium.
substances, which have many of the characteristics of opiates, mainly their analgesic effect; the distinction between opioids and opiates is not always possible; typical representative of opioids is methadone
Definition: The opioid peptides met-enkephelin, leu-enkephelin, -endorphin and dynorphin are widely distributed neurotransmitters. Their inhibitory actions on synaptic neurotransmission are mediated by , and receptors (G-protein-coupled receptors which couple to Gi/o). Enkephalins constitute the predominant class of opioids released by spinal inhibitory interneurons and they activate µ receptors on pre- and post-synaptic membranes.