Definitions for "Opium"
The inspissated juice of the Papaver somniferum, or white poppy.
In its synthetic form as 'opiate', it is one of an addicted society's most popular and denial-protected drugs in its role as the central ingredient in tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and muscle-relaxers
One of the opiates, the dried, milky juice obtained from the immature fruit of the opium poppy. This addictive narcotic produces euphoria and drowsiness and reduces pain.
Opium is a 1984 KMFDM album. There were only 200 cassette copies made. The album has since been released in a slightly different form in 2002 by KMFDM Records.
Opium is the name of a song by the band Moonspell. It is from the album Irreligious and was released as a single.
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Opium is the name of a perfume by Yves Saint Laurent. A poster advertising campaign for the perfume caused great controversy in October and November 2000. The posters showed a voluptuous model, Sophie Dahl, photographed (by Steven Meisel) lying on her back wearing only a pair of stiletto heels