Definitions for "Stiletto"
Keywords:  dagger, stab, slim, knife, blade
A kind of dagger with a slender, rounded, and pointed blade.
To stab or kill with a stiletto.
a thin pointed object, such as a knife, letter opener, or awl
a sharp, pointed instrument that is used to "ease and hold" seams as they pass under the presser foot to keep them in place. A number of things can be used as a Stiletto, including a seam ripper.
'Stilletto' is the fourth album by rock-musician Lita Ford. Includes the hit singles "Hungry" and "Lisa". Standout songs include "Dedication", "Bad Boy", "Aces & Eights", "The Ripper" and the title track.
A pointed instrument for making eyelet holes in embroidery.
A beard trimmed into a pointed form.