Definitions for "Hatchet "
Keywords:  axe, oar, blade, weapon, nail
A young axe, known among Indians as a Thomashawk. "O bury the hatchet, irascible Red, For peace is a blessing," the White Man said. The Savage concurred, and that weapon interred, With imposing rites, in the White Man's head. John Lukkus
A small ax with a short handle, to be used with one hand.
a large oar blade shaped somewhat like a hatchet.
Keywords:  tomahawk
Specifically, a tomahawk.
Hatchet is an upcoming 2007 horror/slasher film from Ariescope Pictures Set in the Louisiana bayou it is the story of the legend of Victor Crowley. A group of tourists discover that the legend is real and more horrifying than they ever imagined.
Hatchet is a 1987 Newbery Honor award-winning wilderness survival novel written by Gary Paulsen.
Hatchet is a log parsing and viewing utility for OpenBSD's PF firewall software. It presents HTML output of logged events and utilization graphs using pfstat.
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a very useful tool but it's really lousy for parting your hair