Definitions for "JACKS"
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A hairpin shaped tool that springs open and when closed has long blades that are parallel about 12-15" long used for shaping glass. All parts of the tool are used by skilled glass workers, but the blades get the most use closing in the narrow neck of the piece on the pipe and working the opening of lips. Blades may be nearly knife edged or rounded. Jacks are also made to hold round (replaceable) paper or wood "blades" Jim Moore is considered to make the best in the US, about $150; the Itallian Dino is supposed to make the best in the world, $250, buy through Pilchuck.
A tool with two metal arms joined at one end by a handle. The distance between the arms is controlled by the glassworker, who uses jacks, or pucellas, to form the mouths of open vessels.
tool used to make lines or a neck in a work.
Male salmon that return to the spawning grounds prior to reaching maturity. (empty) (empty)
Juvenile salmon that return to spawning grounds after one winter, or a year earlier than other members of a stock.
Heavy jacks and portable jacks used in rescue. See ground jacks.
fellows (contemptuous). (The Merchant of Venice)
1970's slang in Baltimore for Converse Jack Purcell sneakers. Also see " Blue Tips."
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Computers are connected to the network via 5ESS jacks, the same kind used to connect the ISDN (digital) phones. If you look at a jack, you will see that it has two ports (places to plug in a wire). You need an open port on a 5ESS jack to have a connection to MITnet.
Jacks was a 1960s Japanese Psychedelic musical group, who released the album Vacant World in 1968.
plaything consisting of small 6-pointed metal pieces that are used (along with a ball) to play the game of jacks
a game in which jackstones are thrown and picked up in various groups between bounces of a small rubber ball
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A sudden increase in wave height just prior to breaking.