Definitions for "Baltimore"
Maryland, USA and Washington, D.C., USA made a joint bid to the U.S. Olympic Committee
the largest city in Maryland; a major seaport and industrial center
an exciting city, where historical and contemporary architecture are side by side
Baltimore is an album by singer/pianist/songwriter Nina Simone. It is part of her later works, and can be regarded alongside Fodder On My Wings (1982) as one of her better achievements of that period. After completing the album, Nina expressed her dissatisfaction about the album on numerous occasions, mainly because she had no saying in the arrangement, selection of songs and the cover picture.
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Baltimore is the name of the very first single released by a pre-fame Tori Amos.
Baltimore (also known as Baltimore Borough) was a potwalloper constituency represented in the Irish House of Commons from 1614 to 1801.
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chop A ground ball that hits in front of home plate (or off of it) and takes a large hop over the infielder's head.
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Boot Budget