Definitions for "Hits"
items retrieved by a key word search; the number tracking the volume of visits to a Web site
The number of requests for files made to a Web server. A much misunderstood term. It is not the number of unique visitors. A typical Web page is made up of one HTML file, plus a number of graphics. One request for this page results in several hits.
This is wrongly understood as visits to a site. A hit takes place every time a file is accessed on the website.
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Hits is a greatest hits collection of popular UK indie-pop band Pulp, released in Britain in November 2002. As a greatest hits, it only covers Pulp's singles from the early-90s when they started becoming popular, although the band had existed in one form or another since 1979.
Hits is a compilation album series running over 20 years and compiled as a joint venture, usually between the compilation arms of the Sony BMG and Warner Music groups (e.g. WSM or Global Television). However, rather than all the albums in the series just simply being labeled Hits and the issue number, a number in the series have been released under alternative and expanded names such as Monster Hits, Huge Hits or simply just The Hits Album.
Hits, released in 1998, was the first greatest hits collection of Phil Collins studio recordings. The collection included fourteen Top 40 hits, including seven American #1 songs, spanning from the albums Face Value (1981) through Dance Into the Light (1996). One new Collins recording, a remake of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors", also appeared on the collection and was a popular song on adult contemporary stations.
a compilation of all the best of Wu-Tang from these years
an excellent singles compilation covering the first round of Wu projects -- their debut Enter the Wu-Tang
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( abbrev.) Hitpoints also HP - see stats IMHO: ( abbrev.) In my humble opinion.
an industry, spawning successful (and continuing) runs in London, Toronto and Australia, as well as two U
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Sequence(s) in a database that is (are) found to be similar to a given query sequence - also used as a verb.
words or phrases which match your query.
Documents or references to documents that are returned in response to a query, also called matches or matching queries.
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Batted balls that result in the hitter reaching base safely. HBP
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