Definitions for "Page view"
Keywords:  hit, visitor, count, surfer, preview
A hit to a file that is considered a page.
Web Page Hits, or number of times a page is viewed..
is the number of times a page was loaded and is used as a more accurate measure of site statistics rather than server hits which register every time a graphic from the same page is loaded.
Keywords:  impression, ots, see
an OTS, but not necessarily an impression
See impression.
a look at a page
The amount of times a page was downloaded by users.
The successful transmittal of the fully downloaded page to the user's browser. The delivery of an advertisement or a page of information to a viewer over the World Wide Web.
a visit to a page
The delivery of a page of information to a viewer's browser. Also referred to as a page visit.
A common metric for measuring how many times a complete page is visited.
a workable alternative measurement in many systems
when the page is actually seen by the user. Note: this is not measurable today; the best approximation today is provided by page displays.
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a set of Installation Expert page groups and pages
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an access to a page (rather than an image or a support file like a style sheet)