Definitions for "Counters"
Keywords:  hidden, visitors, visited, track, view
A counter keeps track of the number of users that have visited a web site. A counter may be visible or hidden to the user.
Images of numbers that are used to indicate how often a page has been accessed. The actual counter resides on some other server, hence counters cause traffic. Because the contents of the page is different each time it is accessed, such pages cannot be kept in a cache.
Add fully-featured counters to your web pages - includes time/date stamps, and digit formatting.
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one of Shingo's five basic classes of poka yoke devices
A single character typing die (can be letter, figure or symbol) used as a first operation in bench engraving for displacing the metal from the inside of a raised character. After counting it is filed, engraved or chiseled to a finished character.
Counters & counter manufacturers; including geiger counters, coin counters, money, traffic, people & currency counter manufacturers
Auxiliary dials on a chronograph that can mark seconds, tenths of seconds, half-hours, etc.
Keywords:  trick, kings, aces, tens, score
the cards which score points when pulled during the trick-taking phase of the round (Aces, Tens, and Kings). See also non-counters.
The performance and error statistics kept for an entity by network management, such as lines and nodes.