Definitions for "Hotlist "
Hotlist is a simple URL manager that handles bookmarks in an HTML file. At the moment all it does is add and delete URLs from a file. The idea is that if you are always finding URLs that you want to view but forget them when you get the chance to go online, then you should put them in this file and set it as your homepage.
A list of frequently visited resources.
Also, hot links. A hypertext list of links to, in someone's opinion, interesting or valuable sites on the Web.
Hotlist is a Controller program, developped for the purpose to be a powerfull, customizeable GUI for Winamp AVS. Hotlist has been written in Delphi, whereas it's additional APE's have been written in C++. Hotlist is primary aimed at the needs of VJ's.
a personalized online reference created and maintained by the user of important documents; a hotlist can be shared by mailing the file to another NCSA Mosaic user