Definitions for "Bookmarks"
A personal list of interesting Web sites. Bookmarks make it quick and easy to get to favourite places on the World Wide Web – just like putting a marker into a book.
A feature available on most Internet browsers that allows the user to mark favorite web sites. Once a bookmark has been created, the user can return to it at any time by using the special pull-down menu for bookmarks. Microsoft Explorer calls this feature “ Favorites.
This function allows users to register their favourite homepage address. This enables users to gain access to these pages in one click rather than navigating through the genre's and menus.
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Links to locations. Global ones are set by the administrator, personal ones are set by users.
a component like MOS Web link but with hierarchical categories tree, ratin, user editable links, import/export capability and many
Each editor is alloted a Bookmarks category (in the form Bookmarks/E/Editor) which they can use to gather links of personal interest or to build categories for possible inclusion in the Directory. Bookmarks categories may be viewed by the public, but are not included in the RDF dump. Related terms: RDF, Test/Editors
the ability to create, display, manage, and update placeholder bookmarks to identify locations within Bazaar.
A PTWin32 function that allows each user to maintain a list of selected records which may be navigated quickly.
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To mark a document or a specific place in a document for later retrieval.