Definitions for "MOS"
Marine Observing System
The term used for silent shooting. From the pseudo-German, “Mit Out Sprechen”— without talking.
slang for silent shooting. From the slang German "mit out sprechen" ("without talking." The correct German phrase would be "ohne sprechen.").
Modular Optoelectronic Scanner (Allemagne)
Modular Optoelectronic Scanner (Germany)
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Margin of Safety. Refer to "Uncertainty Factor."
margin of safety. Ratio of the highest estimated or actual level of exposure to a pesticide and the toxic threshold level (usually the NOEC or NOEL). See also uncertainty factor. (US-EPA, 1992)
Margin of safety. A required component of the TMDL that accounts for the uncertainty about the relationship between the pollutant loads and the quality of the receiving waterbody (CWA section 303(d)(1)(C)). The MOS is normally incorporated into the conservative assumptions used to develop TMDLs (generally within the calculations or models) and approved by EPA either individually or in state/EPA agreements. If the MOS needs to be larger than that which is allowed through the conservative assumptions, additional MOS can be added as a separate component of the TMDL (in this case, quantitatively, a TMDL = LC = WLA + LA + MOS).
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This represents the output of model post-processors which take the gridpoint information from the model runs and derive various meteorological data for city locations out to 60 hours. Since the resolution of the model is too coarse to derive exact quantites, these data are derived from statistical models which have been developed from model comparisons to actual conditions at that station. The results are temperature, precipitation, wind, cloud forecasts for approximately 250 stations across the U.S.
NGM forecast output (such as temperatures, winds, and precipitation) for a specific location; used by meteorologists as a "first guess".
Model Output Statistics.
See Military Occupational Specialties
Military Occupational Skill. Your job.
Military occupational specialty
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mode of shipment. The means used to ship items, such as a railway or truck line.
See mode of shipment.
Method of Shipment
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(My )Mom (is looking) Over my Shoulder - Beware
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Mutual Offset System; designated order to be given to another exchange (e.g., SGX).
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sing. of Mores.
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Man on the street interviews - quick bites.
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Microsoft Office Specialist
membership organizations, i.e. a producer cooperative, milk marketing society, organized to provide services to members and are governed by its members.
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Mean Opinion Score
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Medical Outcomes Study
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Manuals of Standards
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An Operating System that is used for storing data like a database. The best way to communicate with the system is over network.