Definitions for "Tac "
The Technical Advisory Committee is made up of the library directors of Eastern Shores libraries. The committee advises the system board on library system service.
Technical Adaption Committee
Tribal Advisory Committee
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Abbreviation for Total Available Chlorine. It is the total amount of chlorine in the water and includes both free available chlorine and combined available chlorine.
Total Allowable Catches
This is the total tonnage of fish allowed to be caught from a particular fish stock in a given year.
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Tac is a pure Tcl version of AOL Instant Messenger . The Tac client began its life as a small add-on program distributed with TiK, the Tcl/Tk client. Tac has only a few of the features found in native Windows and Macintosh clients. It is easy for users to add features to Tac using Tcl. Tac is meant to give users with only console access the ability to use AOL Instant Messenger.
abbr.] The Tenth Anniversary Concert, a truncated concert version of the musical, widely shown on PBS and in high-school classrooms.
TAC is an open source instant messaging and chat client program written by AOL which uses the TOC protocol used by the AOL Instant Messenger system. It is written in Tcl, and is a command line client. It is a command line version of the GUI Ti K client which is written in Tcl/Tk.
Toxic Air Contaminants
An air pollutant, identified in regulation by the ARB, which may cause or contribute to an increase in deaths or in serious illness, or which may pose a present or potential hazard to human health. TACs are considered under a different regulatory process (California Health and Safety Code Section 39650 et seq.) other than pollutants subject to California Ambient Air Quality Standards. Health effects to TACs may occur at extremely low levels, and it is typically difficult to identify levels of exposure which do not produce adverse health effects. Hazardous air pollutants identified under section 112(b) of the FCAA are also TACs. CA
Rhermostatic Air Cleaner (GM)
of ABET Technology Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.
Transport Accident Commission
Transport Accident Charge. This is the compulsory third party insurance which is paid when you register a vehicle in Victoria. It provides compensation for other people injured by your vehicle when the driver is at fault.
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Acronym for Terminal Access Controller.
Terminal Access Controller. A device that connects terminals to a network, usually by dial-up modem connections.
Telnet Access Card. A board within a DTC 48 or 72MX.
Targeted Amortization Class. A type of CMO tranche that provides protection from refinancing risk through the use of support tranches. These support tranches absorb prepayment in excess of a targeted amount up to a specified point where the TAC may experience a shorter maturity schedule.
Targeted Amortisation Class Bonds
Targeted Amortization Class. A CMO class designed to provide investors with a payment schedule that will hold at a single, constant prepayment speed. Prepayments in excess of the predefined prepayment speed are allocated to companion classes and do not affect the TAC class. If prepayments fall below the predefined speed, however, the TAC class will have slower principal repayment and its average life will extend.
Texas Administrative Code. Applies to all grants submitted to the Criminal Justice Division (CJD), Office of the Governor.  Third party in-kind contributions-  Property or services which benefit a federally assisted project or program and which are contributed by non-federal third parties without charge to the grantee, or subgrantee, under the grant agreement.
Texas Administrative Code. The collection of regulations promulgated by state agencies which is updated through the Texas Register. The Finance Commission agency regulations are collected in Title 7 TAC
This stands for Transaction Accounting Code.
Tertiary Admission Centre. For UC Admissions, see UAC.
Telecommunication Arbitration Case
Telecommunications Administration Centre (Finland)
Treatment Action Campaign. Advocacy organisation lobbying for government provision of antiretrovirals to all HIV positive South Africans.
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Train Auto-Couchette
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Threat Assessment Chart
Transmission Access Charge. Under FERC’s proposed Standard Market Design, transmission owners will recover embedded costs through an access charge assessed mainly to load-serving entities, based on their respective shares of the system’s peak load.
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Concatenate and print files in reverse, see cat.
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A kind of customary payment by a tenant; -- a word used in old records.
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Traffic Acquisition Costs