Definitions for "Goby"
One of several species of small marine fishes of the genus Gobius and allied genera.
any species of bony spiny-rayed fishes in the family gobiidae. Gobies are small fishes with large heads and elongated tapering bodies. They comprise the largest family of marine fishes, with over 2000 species. Gobies range in size from the mudskipper (about 15-30 cm) to the tiny pygmy goby, Eviota sigillata, a 1-2 cm long coral reef-dwelling goby which has the shortest lifespan for any known vertebrate Image developed by NASA from GOES data-Hurricane Floyd at the U.S. coast on September 15, 1999 (Hal Pierce, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)
is marine fish. They are known for forming symbiotic bonds with shrimps. ( Goby City)
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