Definitions for "Fishery"
The business or practice of catching fish; fishing.
production unit involving fishing resources, fishing gears and management strategies related to them.
Fish species being exploited, or a limited marine area containing commercially valuable fish.
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(Pêcherie) Site set up for fishing.
a complex system of interacting factors incorporating the state of the biological resource, social and institutional constraints, economic conditions and cultural beliefs
a system composed of different activities such as capture, processing and marketing of fish, which operates within certain socio-economic and political contexts and which interacts with other sectors of the economy
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a place where one or more lakes, lengths of Rivers or Canals are owned by someone and that person allows you to fish on their property for a fee
The right to take fish at a certain place, or in particular waters.
the act, process, occupation, or season for taking fish.
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an example of a natural capital asset whose stock provides a flow of services over time